Welcome. The following information is provided to help clear up any questions you may have in purchasing a puppy.  Please print and send this agreement with your deposit – a copy will be returned to you when you pick up your puppy.

Our puppies are all raised inside our home. They are played with and loved and are brought up around kids, cats and other dogs.  The Puppy Culture Program is used to help ensure a well-rounded, confident puppy.  All our dogs here eat “raw” but the puppies are raised on commercial puppy food.  Please continue to provide a high quality food for your puppy.

All our dogs and puppies are AKC registered and from champion lines.   We do not sell to pet stores, brokers nor for breeding purposes.  They are sold to be loving family members – AKC papers are filled out at pick up time.   A check from you to AKC will be needed to register your puppy (currently $34.99) and papers will be sent directly to you from AKC.   We offer a one year guarantee against any life-threatening genetic illness . Puppies need to be taken to your vet within 72 hours of it’s arrival to you. If your pup receives the lepto vaccine or is over-vaccinated (vaccines already given are repeated) all guarantees are void!  If a life-threatening genetic illness is confirmed (by your vet and ours), a replacement puppy will be offered as soon as one is available.  We are not responsible for any vet bills incurred by buyer.

We do not require a detailed profile filled out for you to purchase a puppy, but do ask to hear about you and your family and how the pup will live. Your current vet information will be needed as reference. We reserve the right to refuse sale for any reason.  If you are unable to keep the puppy/dog, it MUST be returned to us – none are to be resold, turned over to rescues,  etc.  We will ALWAYS take any pup/dog back as we feel they are our responsibility.

All puppies are checked by our vet when tails/dew claws are done -around 3-4 days of age -and again at 7 weeks of age.  Puppies come with vet signed health certificate. They are wormed every 2 weeks and receive their first puppy shot at 7 weeks of age.  They will need two more vaccinations from your vet before they are immune to parvo, distemper, etc.  Do not take your puppy to dog parks, pet stores,  etc. before all shots are completed.  Also, carry your puppy into vet and place on sanitized table.

We do not ship puppies in cargo!  Shipping of pets is against the law for ANY breeder having more than 4 females – unless they are USDA licensed!!! The new law requires that only USDA licensed  breeders can ship puppies.  USDA license rules are set up for large commercial breeders and would not allow us to raise our puppies in our home – which we feel is important.  We are willing to meet you at the airport to carry your puppy home or drive up to 2 hours to meet you – both for the cost of gas only. We feel this is the safest, most humane way to deliver our babies. You are ALWAYS welcome to come visit.

A deposit will hold your puppy. All deposits are non-refundable. Please be aware that no deposit is returned if you have circumstances that do not allow you to complete the purchase. The deposit is applied to the total cost or can be transferred towards a future puppy.  If something happens where the puppy is not available, the deposit would be returned.

Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully, will comply with this contract, and that this contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Missouri, Vernon County. It is agreed the place of venue shall be Vernon County, Missouri.
References are available from previous puppy purchasers and our family veterinarian, upon request. We are always available to help answer any questions you may have in purchasing or caring for your puppy.

AKC inspected and state licensed by the state of Missouri.

Thank You,
Becky Holmes

Silver Moon Cockers

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