Available Puppies


We have two litters planned for this winter.  We also have spring litters planned!   We promise to be up and running soon and appreciate all the support and patience!



Due to some unfortunate circumstances this year on buying a “show quality/health tested” pup from a dishonest breeder that sent us a puppy with seizures and congenital  heart problems, along with other issues, we have only had one litter of 3 pups in the past year.   The pup we bought was unrelated to any of our dogs here!   It has taken time to recoup from this (both emotionally and financially) but we are  back on track and have a great future planned full of healthy and beautiful puppies! 

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If you are interested in a puppy: 

We do not keep waiting lists.  We will post on this page when we have a confirmed upcoming litter.  When you see a litter you are interested in, please email at that time and we will email out birth announcements to you.  Those that respond to the email announcement will then be asked for references and we will do a short phone interview also to help ensure we pick the best forever families for the babies.   Any previous buyers or pre-screened applicants will have priority.  Thank you